About Us

IMG_2410Here at Freestone GSP, we pride ourselves at creating the ultimate German Shorthair Pointer. We do not “mass” produce, we breed a litter or two a year and focus on sharing the great lineage and attributes passed down that these dogs already have through their heritage. We breed natural ability, which is the dogs pedigree and his/her ability to do naturally what it’s supposed to do. I have never met a dog that has been bred that did not require any training, it does not exist. All dogs need training from their mother, yourself or a trainer. We limit the amount of training needed by breeding high quality pedigree dogs that have natural ability built into their breeding. We have a custom kennel, over 3000 acres to play and train, and a very hands-on, detailed care for our & your companions. We spend time with you before, during and after the process to ensure the highest quality program. We are a bit selective as well,  we do make sure we ask important questions about your environment.  We hunt, play and most importantly, love each one of our dogs and they we refuse to let them sit in a kennel for weeks at at time, they are out with us everywhere everyday!!!