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Freestone’s “Alli”, “Max”,”Ginger”, “Rocky”,” Mazy”, “Zeza” “Briar” and “Lyla” are our tournament dogs that travel throughout the country hunting in competitive bird dog challenges and guiding. Check out our tournament hunting site at for more information. We also participate in NAVHDA where our dogs lineage are VC’s and are current prize winners in Natural ability, Utility and Invitational.


Alli Boating

“Alli Boating”

Alli is NAVDHA registered, as well as a 3-time national UFTA champion in 2012-2013,2014, Open National UFTA champion in 2011-2012, and the Pennsylvania Dog of The Year 2012. Both of Alli’s parents are NAHVDA Versatile Champions. Alli was the Ohio tournament dog of the year in 2012.


Freestone’s Alli on a guide hunt in Georgia

Alli is our favorite dog, she is “the one” everyone always speaks of when referring to that one special dog they have/had. Alli just has it…she’s like a person, she is the best raw talent dog we’ve seen. We can not hunt her for 4-6 months during summer and go to a fall tournament and she cleans up almost always…She is the queen bee and can do no wrong….She will swim, hike, walk, run, boat, retrieve ducks, hunt grouse, fetch antlers all in the same day. She is the best mother to her pups as well as our best friend. Alli has excellent OFA hips, normal bite, and stands 22″ tall.



“Lyla” is out of Freestone’s “Max & “Alli”


Freestone’s “Lyla” is the daughter from “Max & Alli” from 2011. Lyla has been solid in tournaments at only 7 months of age. Lyla has had very little training, but due to her natural ability and her breeding, has done very well and carries her parents attributes in the field. The more I hunt Lyla, the more she continues to improve in the field. She is extremely intelligent, very steady,and extremely affectionate. Lyla is a medium sized dog all white with very little ticking. Lyla is named after our daughter Karli Rose. Lyla has excellent graded OFA hips, normal bite and stands 20″ tall.

“Lyla” won the amateur pointing UFTA event on September 29, 2013. & 2015, 2016
“Lyla” took second at the UFTA qualifier December 7, 2013




“Briar” is a NAVHDA Natural Ability Prize I , Prize I Utilty (195), and Invitational prize winner.

Briar with her puppies & Sullivan

Briar with her puppies & Sullivan

Briar is out of Sharp Shooters “Man in Black “Cash” She is full of talent and drive. We hunt Briar with some of the most elite bird hunting clients on guided trips from Texas to GA to grouse in NY & PA. Her puppies have been phenomenal with unbelievable noses and raw talent. We have trained a few of her puppies and they are truly a pleasure to work with, we liked them so much we kept one  summer 2016!


Rocky is out of Sharp Shooters “Chappie”  (VC) and our “Alli”. I was hunting Rocky at 4 months old in tournament trials across the nation. He is a true prodigy. img_3833 I had trained with Rocky a few times in the yard and a few trips out for grouse sniffing when I reluctantly entered him in a trial in Ohio which e-collars are not allowed. He was just 4 mos. As I watched him hunt flawlessly through the field pointing, me shooting, and him retrieving all 3 of his birds on 5 acres in 9 minutes, I knew I had a special dog while I stood in awe and my eyes teared up in the field. He is unreal in the field and very respectful in the house, just an awesome dog.


Freestone’s “Max” is the sire of Lyla. We bred Max with Alli and had a wonderful, talented and loving litter. We had to neuter Max due to medical reasons, so w do not breed him any more. Max is one of the best hunting dogs I have ever seen or hunted over. Max has won the BDC national Amateur Dog of the year, NYS Top-Gun and Amateur Dog of the year (Twice), PABDS Top Gun Dog and Amateur Dog of the year (Twice) and a finalist in the BDC Nationals Doubles event 2012. Max has been a 4-time UFTA National Champion and amateur champion. Max typically is the dog to beat wherever we go. He is steady and cooperative. Recent wins In UFTA 2016-2017

  • “Max” has earned many titles including:img_3880
  • New York State “Top Gun” & Amateur Dog of the year 2010, 2011
  • UFTA 2-Time National Champion
  • Pennsylvania Dog Of The Year “Top Gun & Amateur 2010-2011
  • National Bird Dog Circuit Dog of the year for 2010. (Entire Country)

“Ginger” is our “Flushing” yellow Lab . I have hunted with Ginger for over 3 years now, she is in the top 10 in the UFTA flushing division and in the top 5 in the flushing division. Ginger is a natural hunter, her lab qualities are exceptional.

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