Current Litters 2017-2018 Planned

Hello everyone!,

We had a very successful 2017 with our breeding program. We retired our matriarchal “Alli”. Alli is the reason for our success in our continuing effort to breed the best family hunting and /or recreational dogs available.¬† We do not breed for a profit, we breed to enhance peoples lives with their new loved GSP. We have most recently had Lyla, and Briar come into heat. We rely on nature with our breeding program and if it seems to be safe, and natural, we breed. So, we should have a litter or two on the ground in 60 days. We did not plan on the litters, so deposits are open for them. We are breeding Mazy to Harvey again in the next week or so. (01/05/2018). I am making the trip to Minnesota today. We should¬† have a great selection of puppies.,all equally talented and loving for this spring! Call us, they will go quick. I like to speak to each family before commitment to ensure a good fit and discuss pricing. Thank you! Call us! 814-598-7096

Rocky/Lyla Due March 2018

Rocky/Briar Due March 2018

Mazy/Harvey Due Mid March 2018

Zeza/Griff Breeding in 2019




Rocky & Lyla

Rocky & Lyla Quail Hunting in Texas

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