Current Litters

As of August 11, 2017 we have had two litters. We bred our  “Mazy” to  River Valley’s “Harvey” and whelped 4 females and 6 males which are all sold to deposit holders.Our Blackberry “Briar ” was bred to our Rocky and we she her puppies a few days ago, they are doing well. She had 6 females and 1 male which again are pretty much sold. Our “Lyla” is due any day now and we are taking a few deposits on her litter. All 3 females came into heat at the same time, we do practice breeding back to back as it is recommended to do so for the health of the female,  we are not a mass producer and only do whats best for all of our dogs health. In summary, we will have a few deposit spaces left for Lyla’s litter due any day now.




Rocky & Lyla

Rocky & Lyla Quail Hunting in Texas

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